Chelsea Dingman
Tampa, Florida

             Poems:                                                                                                                                   Books:                                                                                                                                             
Verse Daily: "Ghost Walk After the Resurrection"                                                                               Thaw,  University of Georgia Press (2017)
Originally published by Sugar House Review                                                                                       Preorder at

The Southeast Review (Spring 2017)                                                   
"The Girl in the River"                                                                                                                                                                  
Winner of the Gearhart Poetry Prize                                                                                                                                       

The Sycamore Review (2017)
"Hunger (or the last of the daughter-hymns)"
Winner of the Wabash Prize for Poetry

Southern Humanities Review (Fall 2016)
"Near Narajiv Selo"
Finalist for the Witness Prize Honouring Jake Adam York

Arcadia (Spring 2017)
"Traveling Through Tennessee in January"
Runner-up for the Dead Bison Editor's Prize

Gulf Coast (2017)
"In the Months After We Come Home From the Hospital Empty-Handed"

Puerto Del Sol (2017)
"February in West Florida"
"Imperatives for Living in Spite of the World"
"The Most Beautiful Suicide"
"Dear La Florida"

Southern Indiana Review (2017)

Diode Poetry Journal (2017)
​"Birthday Eve"

Ninth Letter (2017)

Mid-American Review (2017)
"Snow Fugue"

The Colorado Review  (2017)
"For Our Daughter"

The Louisville Review (2017)
"Acceptance (is for AA meetings & a mother who survives her child)"

Crab Orchard Review (2017)
"How a Woman Uses the Wind"

Bennington Review (2017)
"Accident Report: After the Baby Dies at Birth"

Ecotone (2017)
"At a Party on a Colonist Car Across Canada"

Triquarterly (2017)
"When the World"

Tinderbox Poetry Journal (2017)
"If I Had Given Her Just One Bottle, She Would Still Be Alive"

Copper Nickel (2017)
​"Fetal Monitor"

LitMag (2017)
"Anniversary with Yellow Iris"

Nimrod International Journal (2017)
​"Why I Leave"

Acre Books/Cincinnati Review (2017)

Glass Poetry Journal (2017)
"Prayer After Migration & Miscarriage"
"How to Build a Reliquary From the Earth"

Raleigh Review (2017)
"Cloud to Ground"
"Before You Go"

Third Coast (2017)
"Walking Westward"

The Minnesota Review (2017)
"Girl in the Sky"

Foundry (2017)
​"Late Night Cartography"

Prelude (2017)

Yemassee (2017)

Prism International (2017)
"Crows in Market Square"

The Fourth River (2017)
"In Old Montreal, Two Rivers"

Permafrost (2017)

Oxidant/Engine (2017)
"Pretenses (marriage: year 20)"

Waccamaw (2016)
"Letter to My Mother From the Shuswap"

Phoebe (2016)
"The Year Between Storms"
Finalist for the Greg Grummer Poetry Award

Muzzle Magazine (2016)
"Ex-fighter (echolalia)"

Washington Square Review (2016)
"In Defense of Sinking"
"The Hour Between Leaving & Staying"

American Literary Review (2016)
"After Fleeing a War in the Second Wave"

The Normal School (2016)
"How Briefly the Body"

Superstition (2016)
"Elegy in Bone"
"When Cancer Tangles Itself in Bone"
"In the Country of Light"

Sugar House Review (2016)
"British Columbia Pastoral"
"Ghost Walk After the Resurrection"

Carolina Quarterly (2016)
"Clan of Fatherless Children"
"Hands, I've Had"

South Dakota Review (2016)
"Daughter, Released"

Cheat River (2016)
"Damage Assessment"

The Collapsar

New South (2016)
"As the Light Changes"

StorySouth (2016)
"What I Want of This World"
"City, Surrounded"

Red Sky: poetry on the global epidemic of violence against women

Day One: Amazon Publishing (2016)
"Letter From the Gulf Coast"

Rust + Moth (Autumn 2016)
"From the Gravid Woman (after the miscarriages)"

Indianola Review (2016)
"When You Are Born Missing"

Pittsburgh Poetry Review (2016)
"Song from a Drowning City (Legato)"
"Symptoms of Retreat"
"Elegy from the Gulf"

Hermeneutic Chaos (2016)
"Last Night I Knew Myself"

Summerset Review (2016)
"Articulation in the Key of a Couple Whose Child Lived for Three Days (Tenuto)"

Moledro Magazine (2016)
"On Paradise"
"Rules for Endings"
"Felonies with a Belt & Empty Mouths"

Boxcar Poetry Review (2016)

The Raleigh Review (2016)
"Any Other Sun"
"The Windsurfer"
Quiddity (2016)
"How You Leave"
"The Roger's Pass Sheds"
The Fourth River (2016)
"After the Tornado, Summer 1989"
The Adroit Journal (2016)
"Letters from a War"
Harpur Palate (2016)
"When the Storm"

The Boiler Journal (2016)

Radar Poetry (2016)
"On Our Tenth Anniversary, My Husband & I Watch Tropical Storm Andrea Tear the Doors Off the Lanai"
The Bellingham Review (2016)
"Nocturne From a Ship's Hold"
"Shipwrecks & Drownings"

Western Humanities Review (2016)
"Prayer for Landfall & Light"

The Monarch Review (2016)
So to Speak (2016)
"Elegy for My Child"
Milk Journal (2016)
"When My Mother and I Speak About the Weather"
Grist: A Journal for Writers (2016)
"The Gulf"
Sou'wester (2016)
"Woman, Disarmed"
burntdistrict (2016)
"The Suicide"
Dialogist (2016)
"For My Son: A Forest of Stars"
The MacGuffin (Fall 2015)
RHINO Poetry Journal (Spring 2015)
"Little Hell"
Yemassee (Spring 2015)
"Felled Pine"
Mom Egg Review (Spring 2015)
"Dog Days"
Slipstream (2014)
"Hungry Season"
OVS (2014)
Vermillion Literary Project (2014)
"A Morgue in Minnesota"
Stone Highway Review (2014)