Chelsea Dingman
Tampa, Florida

Forthcoming Poems: 2017
"When You Are Born Missing"
"As the Light Changes"
"Daughter, Released"
"Why I Leave"
"How a Woman Uses the Wind"
"Accident Report: After the Baby Dies at Birth"
"Snow Fugue"
"Fetal Monitor"
"In Old Montreal, Two Rivers"
"Girl in the Sky"
"Hunger (or the last of the daughter-hymns)"
"Prayer After Migration & Miscarriage"
"How to Build a Reliquary From the Earth"
"At a Party on a Colonist Car Across Canada"
"In the Months After We Come Home From the 
Hospital Empty-Handed"
"Crows in Market Square"
"Acceptance (is for AA meetings & a mother who
survives her child)"
"For Our Daughter"
"Late Night Cartography"
"The Most Beautiful Suicide"
"Dear La Florida"
"February in West Florida"
"Imperatives for Living in Spite of the World"
"Anniversary with Yellow Iris"
"If I Had Given Her Just One Bottle, She Would Still
Be Alive"

Forthcoming Poems: 2018
"On Nights When I'm Visited By My Daughter"


First Book : Thaw
Winner of the National Poetry Series Competition (2016), chosen by Allison Joseph, and forthcoming from the University of Georgia Press (2017).

Semifinalist for the Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize for Women and the Philip Levine Poetry Prize (2016)

Winner: Sycamore Review's Wabash Prize for "Hunger (or the last of the daughter-hymns)" (Spring 2017)

Winner: Southeast Review's Gearhart Poetry Prize for "The Girl in the River" (Fall 2016)

Finalist: Southern Humanities Review's Witness Prize for "Near Narajiv Selo"(Fall 2016)

Runner-up: Arcadia's Dead Bison Editor's Prize for "Traveling Through Tennessee
in January" (Fall 2016)

Finalist: Phoebe Journal's Greg Grummer Poetry Award for "The Year Between Storms" (Spring 2016)
*Also nominated for Best of the Net

Finalist: Crab Orchard Review's Student Awards for "Why I Leave" and "Song from a Drowning City (Legato)" (Spring 2016)

Pushcart nominee (2016): 
"Last Night I Knew Myself"
"The Roger's Pass Sheds"

Interviews: The Drowning Gull